Ultimate Autoslide iLock Pet Door Kit
If you're worried about the security of your pet door, then the Autoslide iLock
Pet Door Kit is the solution for you. Equipped with a locking motor, your
Autoslide iLock system secures your patio door whenever the door is closed with
the Autoslide is in one of its active modes. Paired with our i3 Pet Collar Set,
pets can now exit and enter your home securely. No more worries about intruders
using your pet door as an access point to burglarize your home. While in Pet
Mode, pets wearing the i3 Pet Collar Tag can activate the system on their own
with the patio door opening just wide enough for you pets to access it. When
you're at work or out for the evening, you will be at ease that your pet can
take care of their business outside and not on your floors.
The i3 Pet Collar System can support as many pets as you have in your household.
​Only one i3 magnetic pet sensor is required per door and needs to be hard-wired
back to the Autoslide system using the included cable. The sensor will need to
be mounted as close to the glass as possible so that it can pick up signal from
the collar tag on the pet whether its inside or outside. If there is a screen
door as well as a glass door, it is recommended that you purchase an additional
pet door activation sensor for the inside to let the pet out and mount the i3
magnetic pet sensor on the outside to let your pet back in. ​
In addition to the i3 Collar Kit, you also get two of the Autoslide four button remote key fobs . Use your remotes from up to 50 feet away to open, close, and change modes on
your Autoslide unit securely. With a locked frequency, code swiping thieves
don't stand a chance.

More than one pet? Each i3 Pet Door Kit comes with 2 collar tags but you can more separately. You can have as many collar tags work with the
same sensor as required.
Autoslide i3 Coll

    Autoslide iLock Ultimate Pet Door Kit - black

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