Healthy salads and frozen desserts from the same convenient appliance? It's all possible with the Black & Decker Lean Green Prep Machine Food Processor and Frozen Dessert Maker! Use the food prep attachment and any of the four included blades for slicing cucumbers and carrots or shredding cheese and cabbage. Then swap in the frozen dessert attachment of this Black & Decker food processor, which uses an auger to blend together all your favorites. Blend a variety of frozen fruits for a smooth, healthy treat, or sprinkle in chocolate pieces, hard-shelled candies, or sandwich cookies to create a luxurious indulgence in just minutes. Both attachments process foods directly into your work or serving bowl and all removable parts are top rack dishwasher-safe. This frozen dessert machine is lightweight, compact and easy to use for fresh and healthy food prep any time!
  • 4 blade options
  • Food pusher
  • Just slide the blades inside the plastic pusher for safe and easy keeping
Size23 oz
Dimensions7 x 9.5 x 3.5 inches

BLACK+DECKER Lean Green Prep Machine Food Processor and Frozen Dessert Maker, SL1050

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