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Brackish fish is found in areas where freshwater and saltwater meet. Brackfish such as African moony, Silver moony, glass fish, needle fish, ricefish, Archer fish, pufferfish, pipefish, Goldenbanded goby, and Siamese Tigerfish. All Brackfish need water with high Alkalinity to avoid low vitality, black color of fish body,rotten tail, fungus and parasites. Regular use of BRACKISH FISH Salt helps to have success for keeping these fish. INGREDIENTS: Na+ Mg2+ K+ Ca2+ Sr2+ Cl- SO42-Br- B F- HCO3- Al I Fe Cu Zn,Trace elements, minerals and multi vitamins. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1. One full tea spoon is 5 gram. For the first time use, add 150 grams per 50 liters of water. 2. After water changes, apply the dosage (20 gram per 50 liters) according to the volume of water that refill in the tank. 3. Each bag contains 1000g for 2500 liters of water. A 5 gram spoon is included.
  • Adjust tap water into ideal aquarium water for Brackish fish.
  • Creates buffering to maintain long term stability of pH value and water hardness.Promotes fish health growth and resistance to illness.
  • Improve fish color, maturity and the breeding ability.
  • Provides essential minerals and trace elements

BRACKISH FISH MINERAL SALT 1000g - Minerals High Alkalinity Breeding Vitamins


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