You'll adore Tiny Ideas Baby's First Year Belly Stickers. Your sweet baby grows up ever so fast during that first year and before you know it, their birthday celebration is rolling around! We don't have to tell you how far your baby has come in just one turn of the calendar. You get to see them flourish right before your very eyes. Now you can capture each and every milestone month with these baby belly stickers. This set comes complete with a colorful belly sticker for each month until 12 months. The belly stickers feature a whimsical design, the number of the month and light adhesive that easily affixes to an outfit. This set is perfect as a photo sharing prop, after you click a few snapshots you can share your favorite one on your social media platforms so your friends, family and loved ones can enjoy seeing your little tike grow up. You'll adore photoshoot time and your baby will love being lavished with so much attention. Their little baby belly never looked so cute. It's never too early to start thinking about sharing your new joy with everyone. That's why this belly sticker set makes a lovely addition to your baby gift registry. If you're not expecting a wee one of your very own but you want to prepare an expecting Mom in your life with a creative gift. Show up with this charming set as her special baby shower gift and it'll be received with smiles and plenty of appreciation.
  • A fun, unique way to capture and share your baby's first year
  • Cute designs and colorful patterns

Baby Milstone Belly Stickers

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