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I decided to record Liturgy for my mother-in-law as a gift for being such a great second mom. She and her family grew up learning and loving the philosophy of Emanuel Swedenborg whose thoughts inspired the church that my husband's family belonged to. Doing the record, learning first hand the music of that church, gave me an opportunity to know my in-laws and to understand their faith. I grew up in a different church and I am not an active member of any faith, but I am moved deeply by the music of many spiritual traditions. I have learned most of what I know about music through hymns and anthems and this recording was a natural extension of my musical life. I love this recording. The hymns are beautiful and the three other singers I worked with are incredible talents - Matt Ulrich (tenor), Jim Ulrich (Matt's dad and a bass), and Kirsti Gholson (alto). Joshua Pearl performed the piano tracks. I highly recommend this recording regardless of your personal religion. If you like hymns, you'll love what you hear. Finally, I want to add that I have gotten terrific feedback from people within and outside the New Church who have bought this recording. Many people have reported that they have listened to it over and over again and are greatly comforted by it. A Jewish friend of mine was particularly enthusiastic and said she could listen to this record all day long. Fancy that! Recorded in 2003.
  • Bar Scott - Liturgy [CD]
  • Music
Publication Date20040518
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc


Bar Scott

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