The Bayou Classic Stainless Brew Cooker provides your brew kettles and stock pots with the heat and precision control required for home brewing. The 16- x 16-inch option is square-shaped and is controlled by an included 10 PSI regulator with brass control valve, it's prepared to heat large pots up to 16 inches in diameter with 100-quart capacity. This welded stainless steel cooker works well with Bayou Classic kettles as well as other brands. The 14-inch option is round-shaped and has a 14-diam-inch cooking Surface, a 4-in high-pressure burner that rest atop a 12H-inch stainless steel frame with a single-bolt leg attachment. A high-pressure adjustable regulator with a 48-in braided hose holds up to a 10-gallon/40-qt. pot. (BH178-1)
  • Select from the available size options
  • Stainless burner for brew kettles and stock pots
  • Burners fit Bayou Classic and other pots 40- to 100 quarts
  • 16 x 16-in. options has 10 PSI regulator with brass valve & 36-in. hose
  • 16 x 16-in. option has 13.5-inch-high steel frame with 360° wind block
Size20L x 16.4W x 13.9H ", 20L x 16.4W x 13.9H in.
Cookware MaterialStainless Steel
Dimensions20L x 16.4W x 13.9H in., 20 x 16.8 x 14 inches

Bayou Classic Stainless Brew Cooker

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