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In 1680 Dutch physicist Christian Huygens designs first internal combustion engine. In 1807 Francois Isaac Rivaz Swiss invented an internal combustion engine using liquid fuel mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. Rivaz designed the car for new driver was but a big failure, and engine or so past the dead line, not having an immediate application. In 1824 the English engineer Samuel Brown adapted a steam engine causing it to run on gasoline. In 1858 Belgian engineer Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir home, invents and patents two years later, the first practical internal combustion engine real electric spark ignition, gas (extracted coal), which is a two-stroke engine that work . In 1863 all Belgian Lenoir is one that adapts to a carburetor engine or causing it to run gas oil (or gasoline). In 1862 French engineer Alphonse Beau de Rochas, patents for the first time the internal combustion engine four-stroke (but not the building). German engineering is merit Eugen Langen and Nikolaus August Otto to build (do physically, practically theoretical model of Frenchman Rochas), the first internal combustion engine four-stroke, in 1866, with electric ignition, carburetion and distribution in a form Advanced. Ten years later (in 1876), Nikolaus August Otto engine or its patents. In the same year (1876), Sir Dougald Clerk, set up two-stroke engine of Belgian Lenoir, (bringing it to the form known today). In 1885 Gottlieb Daimler arrange an internal combustion engine four-stroke single cylinder with a vertically oriented and improved carburetor. A year later compatriot Karl Benz brings some improvements in four-stroke gasoline engine. Both Daimler and Benz worked new engines for their new cars (so famous). In 1889 Daimler improves combustion engine four-stroke, building a V-twin engine, and bringing the classic shape distribution today, with mushroom-shaped valves. In 1890, Wilhelm Maybach, built the first four-cylinder four-stroke internal combustion. In 1892, German engineer Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel invented the compression ignition engine, and fuel injection, diesel engine briefly.
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