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  • Sparkling crystals set into a clay-like material that holds each individual crystal securely. The complimentary color of the clay sets off the brilliance of the crystals to great effect.
  • The "clay" material is actually a composite resin that is as durable as metal and will not crumble or chip away like traditional ceramic. The material is also extremely lightweight, which is great for more elaborate projects.
  • The Beadelle™ Collection features high quality crystals that give you the look of luxury at a fraction of the price!
  • Crystal color: Emerald
  • Approximate Measurements:
  • Quantity: 1 Bead
  • BDLL-6306
  • Green
  • 10mm in diameter
  • 1 Bead

Beadelle Crystal Candy 10mm Round Pave Bead Emerald (1 Piece)


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