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Carter Miles was oblivious to the true darkness of the world around him, but that changed when he met Elisa Aren. After that morning he fell into a world he thought only existed in stories, and after that morning everything started to change. Carter's life had been a lie and the world he knew was only the surface of a much darker truth. As he learns about the truth he soon realizes that he has feelings for Elisa. Now she and her family are the only ones who can help him. But they themselves have fallen victim to making a deal with those who would hunt Carter and end his bloodline. Although this deal came with the price of Elisa's life and Carter won't give her up without a fight. The only way he can save her is if he accepts his new inheritance, which has given him both a gift and a curse. But will he be strong enough to save the woman he loves? Or will he fall into death and despair?
  • 9781682130643
Publication DateOctober 12, 2015
Primary CategoryFiction/Fantasy - General

Beast Heart

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