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Bebo Valdés, father of famed pianist Chucho Valdés, stands in pantheon of the many great Cuban musicians from that island rich in musical talent and history. On Mucho Sabor, he employs the exceptional vocalists Pio Leyva, Cascarita, Ada Rex, and Reynaldo Enriquez. This is music from the golden age of Cuban big bands when Havana was awash in casinos and music. This is classic Cuban music at its best. The arrangements are fine and the tracks are passionately laid out, whether it's a bolero or a son montuno. The music on this album is tinged with that romantic sentimentality and fire of that era. The cha-chas are hot, the boleros are sensual, and the son montunos burn with an incessant intensity, particularly "Al Son de la Mexicana." One listen to the clave and blistering horns on this track are enough to convince anyone with ears to hear that Cuban music is a true jewel that was too long ignored in some quarters. Take a trip to old Havana on this album and light up a cigar! Very highly recommended. ~ Mark Romano
  • Valdes, Bebo Con Orquesta Sabor De Cuba - Mucho Sabor [CD]
Publication Date20120829
Publisher ImprintEssential Media Group-Mod

Mucho Sabor

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