1. Aquarium Air Curtain suitable to be used for decoration and Oxygen supply in all kinds of aquariums. 2. This Fish Tank Air Curtain can be formed into almost any shape and create a impressive wall of bubbles in your aquarium. 3. This porous rubber hose with good softness, and any shapes required can be made. 4. It's bubble disperse equally and supply is excellent.creates an uninterrupted flow of bubbles. 5. Can help your aquarium by providing water movement and aeration. 6. This Aquarium Bubble Wall is suitable for fresh or salt water.
  • Permeable Flexible Air Stones are a great way to aerate your growing system.
  • The flexible stones bend into any shape you need to deliver air where you need it most, they also create less back pressure than traditional air stones, which reduces damage to your pump.

Bendable Bubble wall 60cm 23.6" - Air Stone curtain tube pump for 4/6mm tubing

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