New 14" strut coil spring shock compressor. Even if you have a small home shop, you can perform suspension work on macpherson struts, found on many modern domestic and imported vehicles. This coil spring compressor makes the job quick and easy.

  • Remove coil spring to replace or repair shock absorbers, spring set struts
  • Use externally to compress macpherson strut coil springs
  • Permits quick and safe removal or installation of springs
  • Zinc plated compressor fit most macpherson strut sizes
  • Precision machined steel bolts
  • Drop forged, heat treated steel
  • 2x 14" Strut Coil Spring Shock Compressors
  • Material: Heavy Duty Steel
  • Maximum Jaw Opening: 14"
  • Minimum Jaw Distance: 4"
  • Drive: 1/2"
  • Remove Coil Spring to Replace or Repair Shock Absorbers, Spring Set Struts, etc.
  • Use Externally to Compress MacPherson Strut Coil Springs
  • Permits Quick and Safe Removal or Installation of Springs
  • Brand: Biltek® | Zinc Plated Compressor Fit Most Macpherson Strut Sizes
  • Drop Forged, Heat Treated Steel
ColorAs Shown

Biltek NPTC-SSC370-2D 14 in. New Strut Coil Spring Shock Compressor Suspension Clamp Remover Installer


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