This CD is a result of many requests for an album at the concerts I have done. Each song is a Christian paradoy of an oldie. If you are a Christian and want to reach out to others around you who aren't, but aren't sure of the reception you will get, this album is a real door opener as nearly everyone likes oldies. This ministry started in the fall of 1994, with my first concert in April, 1995. I know Oldies real well, which helps when doing this music. When doing live concerts, I have about 140 songs I can do. About 10 songs are contemporay Christian songs and the rest are what I call Oldies With A Twist. What you hear are familiar songs with a twist - the words are Christian parodies. And, because they are oldies, even people who aren't Christian can often enjoy them. Also, if your church, church group, or Christian organization would like to do a community outreach or fundraiser, you can reach me at: You don't need to sell advance tickets. You can take an offering and have someone sell my CD's afterwards. I will take a percentage of the offering and CD sales. And I usually hand out lists of the songs I do and take requests. This usually means long concerts (2 hours is not unusual). Therefore, the audience feels like it got it's money's worth. In addition, I am a lay preacher with a BA in Biblical Studies from Trinity Biblical University. So I can give you a message as well as music.
  • Oldies with a Twist
Publication Date20050621
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc

Oldies with a Twist


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