Black Ice Essential Double snowmobile trailer accessory kit includes everything needed to secure a snowmobile to a two-up trailer for hauling. Keeping a snowmobile safe and secure during hauling is a cinch with the Black Ice Essential Double snowmobile trailer kit. Accessories included in the Essential Double package are designed to protect both the trailer deck and snowmobile for transport and is the ideal way to efficiently outfit a snowmobile trailer with all the tools to get the job done - saving time and money in the process. The complete package includes (8) 60" snowmobile ski guides which mount directly to the trailer floor or pickup truck bed for smooth loading and unloading; (2) 72" long Caliber TraxMat snowmobile track mats to protect the trailer deck and provide extra traction when loading; and (4) 1" x 6' ratcheting tie-down straps with rubber coated S-hook ends.
  • Essential snowmobile hauling accessory kit for a double trailer
  • (8) 60" Extra-wide snowmobile ski guides
  • (2) 72" Caliber TraxMat snowmobile track mats
  • (4) 1" x 6' Ratchet straps with s-hook ends
  • Safely and easily load and haul your snowmoble

Black Ice Double Snowmobile Trailer Accessory Kit

Black Ice

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