Black Nationalism: Alive and Well does not mean Black people are sitting around in treasonous gatherings and plotting to overthrow the US government; nor does it mean we are praying for this nation to become a failed state... More pointedly, Black Nationalism does mean, first, as Marcus Garvey instructed, we could be critical and patriotic Americans and still proactively advocate for Africa and Africans worldwide... as people/place of cultural origin. However, and most important, as we stand today, Black Nationalism does mean that African-Americans have risen to a high level of historical, spiritual, and psychological consciousness. They have progressed tremendously beyond the brutish stage foundation "patriots" had consigned them through legislative fiat, for when in 1662 the law decreed "enslaved Africans and their descendants thenceforth would be considered sub-human and chattel in perpetuity." Its generally agreed, you cannot keep a man in the gutter without muddying yourself! Thus, the slave trade, slavery and the behavior of racial hatred and prejudice has created a pathological mindset in the European and American psyche that even after shedding the physical brutality associated with the resulting behaviors, has maintained a suspicion about the Black man that has proved even more dangerous for the inherent implications. As such, it is true Blacks are more astutely aware of the forces arrayed against the religious, spiritual and moral significance they are and intend to become with the help of God, their strength, their redeemer. Does the Mandela "Prison to Presidency" mantra tell the true story of the people's struggles to Free South Africa? Do "Southern Sheriffs" execute the law to its unbiased fullest? Who are personalities keeping alive Black Nationalist aspirations and views? Who defends the Black when besmirched? In critical texts and panoramic pictographic extravaganza Black Nationalism: Alive and Well answers such questions by presenting people of goodwill, policy theorists and administrators, strategists, activists and advocates who continue to respond to Black Experience challenges. Whether its Bishop Allen and his founding of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church or Paul Cuffe on Repatriation; Frederick Douglass fighting for African freedom in speeches and as publisher, or A. Philip Randolph challenging the politics of Washington DC; Dr. John H. Clarke and Dr. Yosef ben-Johnson pointing to those betraying Blacks or extolling the virtuous nature and intellectual potentialities of African people and culture; Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks working their magic and challenging the times; Marcus Garvey and Sonny Carson as firewalls against the onslaught against Blacks; an examination of arrogance and incompetence of "Southern Sheriffs" who function above the law; critique of Ben Carson's "Obamacare" statement or on "Black Spending Habits " the positive philosophic nature of Karenga's Kwanza festival; even Bob Law and Leonard Jeffries extolling Nelson Mandela as an iconic tree in a forest of African freedom fighters; Black Nationalism: Alive and Well demonstrates vigilance in defense of African people, their history and culture, moral responsibilities and intellectual capabilities. It also adds to the body of literature recognizing and praising global efforts to repair the fracturing African personality, the result of imperialism and colonialism's inhumanity. Historically useful for scholars, students and lay persons, the text and photographic imagery identifies issues and personalities who blazed the way and today guard the portals of Black/African intellectual, moral and social integrity. Dr.
  • ISBN13: 9781610230094
  • Publisher: Sumon Publishers
  • Pubilcation Year: 2014
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00774
Publication DateApril 17, 2014
Primary CategoryHistory/United States - 20th Century

Black Nationalism - Alive and Well

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