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We;re Americana and proud of it - it;s a musical stew of rock, folk, country, blues, even some flamenco influences - with three-part harmonies and mostly acoustic instruments (and just enough electric guitars and keyboards to show we can rock when we want to). Call it Americana - call it roots music - call it modern folk-rock. We call it Blame It on the Dog music, and it mixes in just about every kind of American musical style to create our own unique Dog sound. Acoustic guitars, fiddle, bass and drums form the core, with keyboard and electric guitars added for flavoring. But the basic ingredients are the songs, and we believe that;s the best foundation for music that you can listen to over and over again. Tastes great, less filling. Ummm good! Three singer/songwriters in the band each contributed to Will Sing For Food, our second CD. We believe that there;s a place in the world for lyrical, melodic songs that just also happen to rock and groove. Come on in to the Dog Pound and give us a listen. Arf.
  • Blame It on the Dog - Will Sing for Food [CD]
Publication Date20060418
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc

Will Sing for Food

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