• Lace agate features striking, naturally formed patterns reminiscent of delicate lace.
  • Temporarily strung, 34 inches of Blue Lace Agate beads. Hole is less than 1mm in diameter.
  • Chips range in size from 2-8mm along string, 4-11mm wide.
  • Please note: Lace agate is a natural stone and these beads may feature some pitting, minute surface cracks, or small yellow or brown inclusions. We have carefully sorted through these beads to insure that these natural inclusions do not endanger the strength of the bead.
  • SPAG-145
  • Blue
  • Lace Agate
  • Beads are 4-11mm long, 2-8mm wide. Strand is approximately 34 inches in length.
  • 1 Strand

Blue Lace Agate Gemstone Chips Beads 34 Inch Strand

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