Are you looking to step up your workout to the next level? The body wrench is the most versatile piece of fitness equipment you will ever own! Keep it by your bed for your "get your blood pumping" pushups in the morning. Take it with you to work to get a quick "I need a break" trigger point massage in. Take it to the gym to maximize your workout with fast results! The body wrench p3r really is the piece of equipment that you have been waiting for! Body wrench p3r key features. Two large rollers, two small rollers and a crossbar provide all the necessary tools to warmup, workout and recover with one single tool. Made of high quality materials. Easy to travel with. Do not miss this opportunity to give your body what it wants.
  • REVOLUTIONARY NEW FITNESS PRODUCT! Warm Up, Work Out, Speed Recovery, and Massage Aching Muscles With One Single Tool!
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE TODAY! This Is the Perfect Fitness Equipment For Abs. Every Exercise Works to Strengthen Your Core!
  • EXECUTE THE PERFECT PUSHUP! The Revolutionary Design Engages More Muscles To Create a More Complete Workout!
  • BUY IT TODAY! Return it for a full refund no questions asked!
  • TRIGGER POINT MASSAGE! The Different Size Rollers Act As a Muscle Massager and Are Able to Access Any Trigger Point for Any Aching Muscle
Size1 Body Wrench
Dimensions12.2 x 9.5 x 3.8 inches

Body Wrench P3R - Total Muscle Fitness & Work Out Recovery Package (1 Body Wrench)

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1 Body Wrench

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