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K-Pop Bohemian 2nd Mini Album- Don't Hurt (BHMA02MN) Pre-Order
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■ Product Title: Bohemian 2nd Mini Album- Don't Hurt
■ Singer Name(s): Bohemian
■ Release Date: 2012.03.16
■ Genre: K-POP
■ Disc Format(s): CD
■ Language: Korean
■ Country of Origin: Korea
■ Number of Disc:1 CD
■ KJCstar Product ID:BHMA02MN
■ Track List
01. ???? (Don't Hurt)
02. ?? ??? (Standing Here)
03. ??? (Eyes, Nose, Mouth)
04. ???? (Don't Hurt)(Inst.)
05. ?? ??? (Standing Here) (Inst.)
06. ??? (Eyes, Nose, Mouth) (Inst.)
  • Bohemian - Don't Be Hurt [CD]
Publication Date20120316
Publisher ImprintC&l Music

Don't Be Hurt


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