Be prepared to take on any load with this F78-15ST spare trailer tire. The tire comes premounted on a white spoke rim that matches the options on most existing trailers. You depend on your trailer tire and wheels to get every load where it needs to go. With the right spare available, you'll be ready if you have a blowout on the way. This 15-inch trailer tire and rim features steel construction and a five lug on a 4.5-inch configuration. Measure the studs on your existing rim to ensure the right fit. Make sure you measure from the center of the stud to the center of the next one for an accurate measurement for your spare trailer tire replacement.
  • Tire Weight Rating - 1820 Lbs.
  • Bolt Pattern - 5 Lug on 4.5"
  • Rim Diameter - 15"
  • Tire Load Range - Load Range C = 6 Ply Construction
  • Tire Size - F78-15ST
Dimensions28 x 8 x 28 inches

Bolt-On Spare Trailer Tire + Rim F78-15ST 15" 5 Lug Hole Bolt Wheel White Spoke

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