Dogs love frisbees, and some might argue that the flying toy really was designed with a dog in mind as a canine entertainment. The Booda Turbo Disc provides a dog owner the perfect flying toy that comes with bright colors, an easy flying design, and an easy to clean material. The design of the Booda Turbo Disc is crafted to be easily picked up by a dog. It flies with little air resistance, so the toy can travel a long distance. Dogs love to chase the toy, running distances to catch it. Then they return the toy for another fling, knowing the fun will continue again and again. In fact, dogs just might get a bit territorial over the Booda Turbo Disc, especially if they share a household. The Booda Turbo Disc also comes with the following benefits: A durable construction that won't fall apart with rough canine play. An aerodynamic design that flies well when flung like a frisbee. An easytowash material so dirt and soiling can be washed off easily. An easytogrip design so dogs can pick up the toy easily.
Dimensions1 x 1 x 1 inches

Booda Turbo Disc Assorted

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