Steering Shaft Steering Shaft Assembly Steering Shaft Assembly; Telescopic; Steel; Extreme Duty w/Two Billet Steel Universal Joints; SPECIFICATIONS: Position: N/A FEATURES: Steering Shaft If you have tried replacing the worn-out steering on your Ford, you've probably found that many OEM replacement steering assemblies are no longer available. Borgeson manufactures heavy duty bolt-in replacement assemblies for most model years of Ford pickups and Broncos. Borgeson incorporates a telescoping shaft that adds a measure of safety to the steering system. Ford has had many length variations over the years and sometimes within model years. Borgeson has accommodated this by making an assembly which can be trimmed down to get the exact fit for your application. This added length will also accommodate aftermarket body lifts. Borgeson also offers an upgrade to our standard assembly that incorporates a vibration reducer that greatly reduces the road shock felt through the steering wheel. The Borgeson Universal Company has been manufacturing steering universal joints and components for the industrial, automotive, military and aerospace markets since 1914. Purchased by the present owners in 1982, Borgeson continued to develop and refine our original needle bearing universal joint into the finest and strongest joint you can buy. Seeking to expand, Borgeson purchased Mullins steering gears in 2001 and combined the two businesses into one central, 50,000 square foot modern manufacturing facility. Borgeson has continued to develop and produce the most dependable steering components available.
  • Steering Shaft; Steel; Natural; Ford Fullsize Truck 1970-79; Priced Each
  • Natural - Ford Fullsize Truck 1970-79
  • Priced Each
Dimensions33 x 4.2 x 2.2 inches

Borgeson 000970 Steering Shaft Assembly Fits 70-79 F-100 F-150 F-250 F-350


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