Manual To Power Steering Conversion Box Power Steering Conversion Box; All New Manufactured; Modern; 11/16 in. -36 Spline Input; 14:1 Quick Ratio; FEATURES: Power Steering Conversion Kit Borgeson now offers an integral power steering conversion for your 1952-1964 Full-Size Ford car. The Borgeson conversion box is a new modern integral power steering gearbox. The Borgeson integral power steering gearbox provides true modern power steering feel, feedback and a sporty 14:1 ratio. Borgeson has manufactured this box to bolt directly to the factory mounting location and to fit the stock steering linkage without any interference or modification of the frame. The original factory column will need to be shortened for clearance power steering box. Not recommended for 3-speed manual column shift cars. Cars with factory power steering will require either a drag link adapter or a manual steering center link. Eliminate your leaky control valve and feel the road with a new integral power steering conversion from Borgeson. NOTE: Power conversion box will not fit with factory clutch linkage. The Borgeson Universal Company has been manufacturing steering universal joints and components for the industrial, automotive, military and aerospace markets since 1914. Purchased by the present owners in 1982, Borgeson continued to develop and refine our original needle bearing universal joint into the finest and strongest joint you can buy. Seeking to expand, Borgeson purchased Mullins steering gears in 2001 and combined the two businesses into one central, 50,000 square foot modern manufacturing facility. Borgeson has continued to develop and produce the most dependable steering components available.
  • Steering Box; Power; Iron; Black Paint; Ford Car 1952-64; Priced Each
  • Steering Box
  • Power
  • Iron
  • Black Paint
Dimensions12 x 14 x 6 inches

Borgeson 800115 Power Steering Conversion Box


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