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How do you start again when your world has been torn in two? How do you move on when disaster follows like a shadow? Billie Skylark is trying, and Jack Kelly would like to know. Following the conclusion of Skylark; Billie must find her way forward and Jack must find his way back. In a world changed by fate and loss, the community of St. Cloud strives to find solace in love, friendship and new life. As Billie struggles out from the confines of Evan's shadow, Jack fights to avoid the truth. But the future they try to build is threatened by the arrival of Jack's brother Raife, whose presence forces open the Pandora's box of Jack's past. While Billie faces life alone, Jack must deal with the repercussions of death. The small community are buffeted by St. Cloud storms, and life mirrors the islands dramatic weather. Dan finds himself helpless; forced to hurt those he loves most, Sadie has a secret that threatens her future with Jed, and Virginia faces a truth that turns her world upside down. Borrowed Wings is the highly anticipated conclusion to Ruthie Morgan's award winning debut novel, Skylark.
    Publication DateAugust 4, 2016
    Primary CategoryFiction/Romance - Contemporary
    Publisher ImprintLucky Arbuckle Publishing

    Borrowed Wings

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