Formulated to turn back into soil, like magic. The CompoKeeper and our compostable bags go together like thunder and lightning. Like yin and yang. Like sriracha and watermelon salad (trust us; its so good). These bags are the perfect companion to our CompoKeeper® food scrap collector. Our breathable compostable bags allow for airflow, which helps keep odors under control. We’ve made it durable, because - honestly- what’s worse than old fruit peels and salad scraps all over your floor?
  • The perfect companion to your CompoKeeper food scrap / compost bin
  • Generous 6-gallon capacity
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • GMO-Free
Size12 Bags

Boulder Clean CompoKeeper Compostable Refill Bags-6 gal, 12 Ct

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