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Do You Need...........? Stress relief? Weight control? Peace? Better health? Then YOU Need Brain Yoga! "Brain Yoga Health" discloses new medical research that mantra transcendence improves body and brain health to reduce depression, quell anxiety, control weight, curb hypertension, subdue addiction, regulate diabetes, improve memory, curtail insomnia, and lessen chronic pain. The power of transcendence has relieved stress and given peace of mind for over 3000 years, but it has been vexing to learn and hard to use in our modern culture. This obstacle is now corrected by "Brain Yoga Health's" streamlined transcendence method that empowers you not only with stress relief, but also improved health! "Brain Yoga Health" greatly simplifies transcendence to let you do it in a short time, in noisy places, and in all kinds of surroundings. The Brain Yoga technique is designed for busy, anxious, over-worked, distracted, multi-tasking people - like you and me! Get control of your life with Brain Yoga! Critical Approval for "Brain Yoga Health""Brain Yoga Health discloses one more way to reverse the aging of our brains!" - Gary Small, M.D., Professor, Director, UCLA Longevity Center. "Brain Yoga Health helps rejuvenate the minds and bodies of all ages!" -Douglas H Powell, EdD., Harvard Medical School. "Brain Yoga Health reshapes transcendence into a practical, drug-free, and legal form of intoxication!" -Ronald K. Siegel, PhD., drug researcher, former faculty at UCLA School of Medicine. "Brain Yoga Health explains in normal language the science behind Brain Yoga's health effects - and how to get them!" -Henry Haye, M. D., former head of Psychiatric Services, Glendale, CA Adventist Hospital. "Brain Yoga Health has made me a believer in its fitness benefits - it keeps me sharp during long work hours!" - John D. Dobak III, M. D, CEO, Dermtech, La Jolla, CA; Founder: INNERCOOL therapies, Inc. "Brain Yoga Health explains clearly in normal terms the latest scientific evidence of how meditation improves your health." - Professor Bridget Sampson, Communication Studies Lecturer, California State University Northridge. "Brain Yoga Health makes the value of deep meditation clear to readers around the world." - Robin Allan, PhD, English Literature Lecturer, Manchester, England. "Brain Yoga Health lets us fit transcendence into our busy lives for better health and greater Peace!" - Debbie Robbins, film director, executive coach. "Brain Yoga Health provides an excellent way to improve the fitness of our communities!" -Gordana Swanson, Founder President Los Angeles Challenge Corporation; former Mayor, Rolling Hills, CA; former President, Southern California Rapid Transit District. TABLE of CONTENTS: [Part One: What Is It?] Preface. Can I learn to transcend? 1. Elaine's Dilemma: A Case History 2. What is Brain Yoga? 3. Why Do Brain Yoga? 4. The New Brain Yoga Features [Part Two: How to Do It] 5. How to do Brain Yoga 6. Your Mantra 7. How to Transcend 8. How to Finish and Reenter 9. Brain Yoga Mobile [Part Three: What Helps?] 10. Anxious Patients, Edgy Doctor 11. Updating Transcendent Meditation 12. Incentives 13. Questions & Answers 14. Aid Devices [Part Four: Why It Works] 15. The Medical Science of Meditation 16. Research Objections 17. The Age of Stress Anxiety 18. Meditation as Medical Treatment 19. Brain Yoga for Insomnia [Part Five: Who Uses It] 20. Mantra Origins and Destinations 21. Famous Mantras, and Their Beads 22. Western-Mantra Conflicts References About the Author "
  • ISBN13: 9780983128434
  • Publisher: Gramercy Park Publishing Company
  • Pubilcation Year: 2013
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00326
Publication DateNovember 15, 2013
Primary CategoryBody/Mindfulness & Meditation
Publisher ImprintGramercy Park Publishing Company

Brain Yoga Health: The Transcendence Fast Track to Brain & Body Fitness

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