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Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release from the brother/sister duo. You're on a path that never ends. Your eternity is now. It's nice to have a friend along. You know what else is nice? Ruby slippers. Zigtebra's debut, THE BRAVE, is like a friend, a lover, ruby slippers, a testimonial. THE BRAVE grew the Grinch's heart, gave the Cowardly Lion his courage, and heck this thing probably made Marty McFly's parents kiss at the prom. It's that good. The album is the bold marriage of linear, catchy, pure pop minimalism and new-fangled oddity/intrigue. Clean without being slick, bubbly without being trite, and full of thoughtful musings, all laid out within the bands own gaga, dragon-fruit and ticklish aesthetic. Oh, and it's full of love - If you don't know what love is, you might get a clue from this album.
  • Zigtebra - Brave [Vinyl]
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