Britt Anderson is a college student without a plan for her future when her boyfriend, Andy Hughes, decides to join the navy. It is the early 1950s and Britt is desperate to escape rural Minnesota and share an adventurous life with the man she loves. But as he begins boot camp in Chicago and she begins secretarial school in Minneapolis, Britt soon realizes that her journey to happiness will be more challenging than she realized.

Despite objections from her family and others, Britt abandons her Lutheran roots, joins the Catholic Church, marries Andy, and assumes her wifely duties. A series of unfortunate events unfolds, including a surprise letter from an ex-boyfriend, causing Britt to vacillate between the past and the present. She wonders if their hasty marriage was a mistake. Just as she's having doubts about marriage, Britt becomes pregnant with the first of five children. As she and Andy are led down a difficult path dictated by the teachings of the Catholic Church, they must decide on a course of action that will save their marriage and Britt's sanity, before it is too late.

Breeding Like Rabbits shares the experiences of a Lutheran woman's journey of self-discovery a er she joins the Catholic Church and marries a U.S. Navy sailor.

    Publication DateJuly 5, 2017
    Primary CategoryFiction/General

    Breeding Like Rabbits

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