Bri Food Microvore 17oz

Microdiet for Planktivorous Marine Fishes, Corals & other Suspension-FeedingInvertebrates Overview Suspension of particulate, microencapsulated marineproteins, lipids, and carbohydrates fortified with complex and free-form aminoand fatty acids, and vitamins important to immune system function. Appropriatefor feeding many LPS, zooxanthellate, and azooxanthellate soft corals, as wellas gorgonians, anemones, and other solitary and colonial polyps, particularlyat night when tentacles are extended to maximize chances of prey-capture.Readily eaten by a multitude of reef-associated fishes known to feed onzooplankton and food particles drifting in the water column, includinganemonefishes, basslets and pseudochromids, anthias, damselfishes and chromis,pygmy angelfishes, cardinalfishes, dartfishes, jawfishes, hawkfishes, wrasse,and many surgeonfishes. Does not require refrigeration. For completeinformation, click the 'Technical' button at the top right.

Product Features

  • Provides zooplankton ranging in size from 500 to 1,000
  • Specially supplemented with a proprietary aminio acid to aid in incoloration of fishes and invertebrates
  • Excellent for clams, stony corals, larval crustaceans, juvenille fishes, and all adult planktivorous fishes
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    Bri Food Microvore 17oz

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