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We couldn\'t afford a piano, so my parents rented me a classical guitar for $12 a month. I started studying around 10 years of age at Perinni Studios in Somerville NJ. I became bored with the lessons, so I started rewriting them. This drove my teachers crazy. The lessons just didn\'t sound right to me. I guess you could call it my early dabbling in arranging. I moved on to rock, and then blues lessons. My first electric guitar, a Guild Madeira, was limited but sufficient at the time. Then, at fifteen, I was turned on to my first Les Paul. My \'Rock n\' Roll\' years were born... Systur Carol, named after my sister, was my first crack at the vicious search for stardom. We started playing covers, but then I attempted writing my own songs. I was pleasantly surprised by the welcomed acceptance, so I never played cover music again.The band became quite successful and we were together for a long time. But failure to get the right record contracts and other problems caused me to move on. Rhapsody, my second near success story, was my band of the early 90\'s, with all the trimmings of your typical Hair band andgave me the true rock fantasy lifestyle, and I\'m grateful to have had this experience to reflect upon from time to time. But after another case of, \'you\'re great but...quot; so I moved on. Mad Guy Sky, the ultimate in alternative hard rock, I really thought I had it. Everything fit the quot;formula for successquot;. I really enjoyed writing for this one. It was the first time I was able to \'kick out the jams\'. But once again, \'you\'re great but....\' Columbia Records raved about us and promised a \'sit-down\' in two weeks. An artist will do back flips from this kind of news. Well, after three months, my arms were getting tired from all the back flips, so I moved on. All the while I also played Acoustic Instrumentals. I couldn\'t really sing, so I made the music tell the story.
  • Brian Vadimsky - Indian Summer [CD]
  • Music
Publication Date20080916
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc

Indian Summer

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