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This ultimate play set from Little Treasures includes 130 unique building blocks that can construct into either a space fighter jet or a mobile battle robot. Boys and girls ages 3 and older can enjoy this play set by constructing either suggested design or they can build something entirely differently if they want to. By using their imaginations they can create whatever sort of toy or tool they want out of the building blocks and it will entertain them again and again for hours on end. These exciting hand built toys can be used to fly around the house battling space aliens or cleaning up rubbish lying around the house. Description: This box set includes 130 building blocks of different colors that include 4 wheel pieces so mobility can be added to kids' creations. These kinds of toys allow children totally creative freedom when it comes to their playtime and they can take it to entirely new levels that otherwise was not possible. By having complete control over their toys, being able to take them apart and reassemble them any way they want to kids have the ability to take their playtime to a fully immersive experience that they can be free within. This sort of environment will encourage a child to be creative and will become a part of their lifestyle later on in life
  • This play package includes 130 building blocks of unique simple snap together design from little treasure that includes 4 wheel pieces
  • 2 in 1 transformation designs inspire children to recreate the spaceship or robot that these blocks can easily assemble
  • A fantastic gift idea for children ages 3 and older that are creative and enjoy spaceships and robots
  • Cool and creative designs will inspire children's imaginations and encourage them to create new and exciting toys for them to play with
  • The Toy play set is packed in a detailed, colorful box with instructions included!

Brick Click Robot Transformer 2 In 1 Space Jet or Mobile Robot in This 130 Pi...

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