Spark your life with this brand new fuse from Bussmann. With fast acting fuse speed, 2-1/2A fuse amps, an interrupt rating of 100A at 125VAC, and agx series, this fuse is a must-have. As far as size goes, it is 1/4" in diameter. It has a single element. It is a nonindicating fuse. The voltage rating is 125vac. The body is made of glass material. Functionally equal to Bussmann MMB, Mersen/Ferraz Shawmut GGX, Littelfuse 361, 362, you'll thoroughly enjoy its use. This comes in a quantity of 5. Standards include: CE, UL 248-14 Guide JDYX, CSA Certification Class 1422-01. This fuse also meets the following environmental guidelines: RoHS Compliant.
  • Bussmann by Eaton ABC-1/10-R BUSS SMALL DIMENSION FUSE
  • Cooper Bussman
  • Made in USA

Bussmann Fuse, 1.70 x 0.80 (Pack of 5)


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