This Stromberg Carlson RV Chair Rack offers an efficient and safe way to secure chairs to you vehicle. When you are on the road, your RV chairs are a challenge to carry and store. This unique accessory makes that infinitely easier. You'll be able to carry the seating accessories wherever you need them, whether that be a tailgate, a campsite, a seasonal lot or another venue. Best of all, you won't clutter up the inside of your RV since the chairs are stored outside as you travel.The RV ladder rack holds seats of many sizes and styles. The strap and buckle ensure that your chairs will be secure as you drive the highways. The RV rack doesn't rattle or make other annoying or distracting noises. When you need to remove your chairs, simply pull the pins and swing the storage arm out of the way. In a snap, you'll be ready to sit around a campfire or enjoy your favorite team.
  • RV Ladder Chair Rack transports multiple chair styles
  • Strap and buckle secure your chairs
  • Does not rattle
Dimensions25 x 6 x 5 inches


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