As every Driver's Ed student knows, parking is hard. And it's not just the newbies that have trouble; people who have been driving for years often have difficulties executing a decent parking job, never mind flawlessly doing so -- just ask anyone who's ever bumped the nose of their car into the garage wall. Give yourself a little help with parking, whether your vehicle of choice is a small sedan, a sleek motorcycle, an RV or a monster truck, with the Accu-Park by Camco. The Accu-Park helps you park accurately and consistently, because you the install the device on the floor of your garage, and it will prevent you from moving forward too far, taking the guesswork out of knowing how far to pull your vehicle in. No more dings on the bumper or bumping your vehicle into items in your garage -- Accu-Park will make parking stress-free and protect your valuable vehicle. Best of all, installation is quick and easy, no tools required.

  • Helps you park accurately and consistently
  • No more dings on the bumper
Dimensions19 x 4 x 2 inches

Camco Accu-Park


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AccuPark Strip