The Camco Propane Tank Cover is available in PolarWhite and will easily fit the look of your RV for a streamlined appearance. It provides protection for the gas tanks that power your vehicle's stove, shielding them from flying debris and weather while you're on the road or making a pit stop. This product also helps to prevent damage from exposure to the sun's UV rays, making your tanks last longer. This RV propane tank cover fits over a 20# steel double tank and is sturdy and durable with fasteners that hold it securely in place. The valves of the tanks also remain conveniently accessible while the rest of the tanks are protected. The 20# propane tank cover allows you and your RV to travel more safely and maintain a reliable supply of gas for cooking.
  • Protects your propane gas bottles from flying debris
  • Slip the custom molded, assembled unit over bottles
ColorPolar White
Dimensions15 x 30 x 19 inches

Camco Propane Tank Cover, PolarWhite, Fits 20# Steel Double Tank


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Polar White

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