A powerful odor control for RV holding tanks and septic tanks, Campa-Chem Natural Toss-Ins is concentrated formula contained in a water dissolving packet, which breaks down easily in the tanks.

Campa-Chem Toss-Ins is a 3-in-1 product that comes in 1.5oz packets. The powerful deodorizer controls odors, the waste digester liquifies and breaks down the solids in the holding tanks, while the detergent cleans the tank and the drain lines.


  • UTILITY: Campa-Chem Toss-Ins RV holding tank deodorant comes in the form of water-soluble packets that break down fast to deliver great deodorizing power
  • CONVENIENCE: Toss-Ins comes in an easy-to-store foil zipper bag containing 12 - 1.5oz individual deodorizer packets, ready to dispense
  • PERFORMANCE: The 100% biodegradable formula works around the clock, in all weather conditions, to eliminate the odors from RV waste holding tanks or septic tanks
  • VERSATILITY: The 3-in-1 formula, containing a powerful deodorizer, a waste digester, and a detergent, keeps odors under control, breaks down and liquefies waste and keeps the tank and drain lines clean
    Size12 - 1.5 oz

    Campa-Chem Natural Toss-Ins RV Holding Tank Treatment - Deodorant / Waste Digester / Detergent -12x1.5 oz packets - Thetford 36539

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