Campa-Chem Shotz is a powerful RV holding tank deodorant, packed in 0.7oz toss-ins.

The 24 packets come in an easy-grip 1 lbs jar, which keeps the moisture out and is easily storable. Shotz is perfect for full-time RVers, for active summer campers, and for motorhomes that come with larger or multiple waste water holding tanks.

Shotz is a 3-in-1 product, deodorizing, breaking down waste, and cleaning the RV holding tanks:

  • Super concentrated deodorant - Great for heavy use, eliminates odors coming from the black water holding tank
  • Powerful waste digester - liquifies waste and breaks down toilet tissue, creating a clog-free environment
  • Efficient detergent - Dissolves waste deposits from holding tank walls and cleans drain lines for a smoother operation


  • PERFORMANCE: Powerful RV holding tank treatment - Shotz is a micro-concentrated deodorant, waste digester, and detergent, packed in a 0.7oz packet
  • CONVENIENCE: Less storing space is needed - the Campa-Chem Shotz easy-grip jar contains 24 individual packets, easy to dispense
  • VERSATILITY: Great for full-time RVers, active summer campers, or motorhomes with larger or multiple black water holding tanks
  • UTILITY: Works around the clock, in all weather conditions, liquifying waste, deodorizing and cleaning the tank walls and drain lines
  • Thetford Campa Chem Shotz
Size24 - 0.7oz

Campa-Chem Shotz - Micro Concentrated RV Holding Tank Treatment - Deodorant / Waste Digester / Detergent - Thetford 96319

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