The name of the book is Captain Captions Canada by Ken Keith Nakamura.

Preamble to the Book

The book can be made into a game like verbal sudoku. Each page has playing cards and a blank for the players of the game to do the following:

A. read orally in seminar form
B. make your own captions
C. make your own advertisement game or make your own advertisement using your own prose or caption
D. make your own speech based on a few of Captain Captions prose and your own
E. make a debate using your captions or one of my captain captions
F. make up notes of the book
G. take one of my playing cards, one of my captain captions, and for the artists in you, make a pictograph picture out of the caption. Make some art from the words. Have fun. Make art from poetry
H. make up charades out of my captions
I. make up a song about your prose

    Publication DateFebruary 22, 2017
    Primary CategoryGames/General

    Captain Captions Canada

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