The Carex 26" Ultra Grabber Reaching Aid provides easy-to-use help for you to grasp items from hard-to-reach places. It has suction cups on the ends of the tips for holding objects without slipping. The reacher grabber provides a 90-degree rotating arm that makes grasping objects easy from both above and below. There is a lock tab on the handle that can hold the item in place for those who need a bit more strength while gripping items. The easy-to-pull lever provides a way to clamp around whatever you want to grab. There is a wrist support to provide additional strength. The curved grip is ergonomic for more comfortable use. This item is designed for people who are in wheelchairs or are confined to bed or who otherwise have trouble reaching where they need. It's also useful for picking up litter or other items on the ground without bending over.
  • Adds 26" in length to your reach
  • Easily grasp items from hard-to-reach places
  • 90 degree rotating arm
Dimensions1.2 x 5.5 x 32 inches

Carex 26" Ultra Grabber Reaching Aid


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