Cat Bed / Cat Cave - Hand Crafted, Seamless Natural Felted Wool and Machine Washable.

Size:X-Large | Color:Mouse Grey Extra Large Cat Cave in Natural Wool in Delightful Mouse Design with Floppy Ears and Long Chewable Tail! Let kitty play with their new Mouse Cat Cave from popular brand Woolly Mammoth and Kitty! A long mouse tail is fun to grab and chew on. Floppy ears make this natural wool felted cat cave very realistic in a large size. Big black eyes and whiskers mimic a mouse and when your cat jumps inside to play or nap they will love the warm and comfort of this well crafted, thick cat cave. It holds its shape well and will provide hours of entertainment for your cat or cats. Allergies in the home? Having a natural wool cat cave is perfect for households with children and adults with allergies or sensitives. No chemicals, no added padding - this is an all natural hand made product that cats love. Cats are attracted to the natural wool and the cat cave will actually become a conversation piece in your room. Napping and Hiding Where is Kitty? They are in the cat cave taking a break or playing. The wool naturally breathes so kitty feels comfortable in warm and cool climates. No unbreatheable fabric like polyester! The dog might poke his head in to look for kitty, but your cat will just be restful and stay curled up and not interrupted by the dogs attention. Play time is super fun! All cats love the realistically long mouse tail. You can play with your cat using the tail....they will love it! The will attack it! They might even love just sitting on top of the cat cave too - no problem. It's their special cat cave or cat bed. ADD to CART a Woolly Mammoth and Kitty quality Mouse Cat Cave for your kitty and watch them have fun and play with their new home.

Product Features

  • ORIGINAL MOUSE STYLE WITH LONG TAIL perfect for cat play and large floppy ears to chew on! Cats love to pounce and attack and purr on their new large Mouse cat house.
  • THICK WOOL CONSTRUCTION allows for kitty to tear up the cat cave and it comes back to original shape easily!
  • COVERED GREY MOUSE hiding area for your cat or multiple cats to play and sleep in.....nice and protected from other pets in the home.
  • NATURAL FELTED WOOL hand made pet item perfect for kitties or households with sensitivites and allergies. Your children will love to play with the mouse tail as cat pouncs and chews on it! Easy to clean - simply add to washing machine on wool setting and follow directions in our insert.
  • CREATIVE DESIGN with whiskers, ears, eyes and long tale our cozy design is a mudled grey, very attractive for your living room, den or bedroom areas.

    Cat Bed / Cat Cave - Hand Crafted Seamless Natural Felted Wool and Machine Washable. Mouse Grey X-Large

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