This Chef Buddy Cordless Motorized Outdoor Grill Cleaning Brush is the fastest and easiest way to clean your grill. You will never have to painstakingly clean your grill one stroke at a time with this professional grilling tool! Simply push the button and the heavy duty rotating brass bristles quickly polish away your left over grilling residue. For extra-tough buildups, the motorized brush comes with a built in stainless steel scraper to get your grill looking good as new. There is even a splatter guard to prevent that permanently staining grease form getting all over your clothes. This grill cleaning brush is fast and convenient to use with its one touch power button and ergonomically designed handle. Stop slaving over a hot grill and let the Cordless Motorized Outdoor Grill Cleaning Brush do the work for you! Requires 8 "AA" batteries, not included.
  • Grill brush is the effortless way to keep your grill's surface clean
  • Brass-bristle rotary brush spins to quickly strip away cooked on food residues from your grill
  • Sure-grip ergonomic handle for comfort, One touch power operation
  • Heavy duty stainless steel scraper for extra-tough build-ups

Chef Buddy Cordless Motorized Outdoor Grill Cleaning Brush

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