The exhaust manifolds found in the 1968-1996 Dodge and Plymouth Small Block engines were designed to combine the exhaust gasses from each of the cylinders quickly with a manifold that was cost effective to produce. Our 4-1 Block Hugger off-road headers are designed to allow the exhaust gasses to flow more freely from each cylinder bank and combine in a more efficient manner. Block Hugger style headers are meant to be used where space for long tube headers isn?t available due to steering and cross member clearance issues. Tubing has been optimized for the 5.2L(318ci), 5.6L(340ci) and 5.9L(360ci) engines. This creates a reduction in cylinder backpressure and improved exhaust gas velocity. These improvements free up lost horsepower and torque. An added benefit is a more performance oriented exhaust sound.
Package Included:
1 x Header exhaust system
All necessary installation hardware
Compatible with:
  • Made of high quality steel with 2 x 4-1 direct bolt-on design
  • TIG welded CNC machine flange
  • Metal gasket and reducer included / Inlet: 1.25"x1.7" (Oval) / Outlet: 2.25"
  • Increase high flow air, instantly gain 10 to 15 Hp. / Tq
  • Application: Please check part finder on top of the page (Professional Installer is Highly Recommended) (No Instruction Included)

Chrysler Small Block 2x4-1 Design Stainless Steel Exhaust Header Kit (Polished Chrome) V8

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