This construction package from Little Treasures includes a moving tow truck and motorcycle combination play set series with construction materialsThis set is interchangeable with Duplo parts so children can enjoy integrating these pieces with all their existing building bricksA fun play set for boys and girls that are 3 or older and will be able to take creativity to the next level as they imagine themselves designing and building cities or whatever their hearts desireWith total and complete customizability kids will be able to play with these toys for hours on endDescription: Little Treasures includes in this customizable game box 2 workers, 1 motorcycle, 1 shovel, 1 pylon piece, 1 gate piece, 2 caution blocks, 1 truck and 1 detachable crane pieceThis construction package is fun for kids to imagine playing with and building cities and structures of endless design possibilitiesBy nourishing the creative sides of children this play set will allow them to be creative while having fun and this will help them develop their mindsA great game set that all children will be able to enjoy for days on end.
  • This play package includes 1 truck, 1 motorcycle, 1 crane back piece, 2 workers, 1 pylon and some construction pieces to build with
  • A great way for kids to have fun while building their creative minds by having to design new and unique toys during their play time
  • Parents and friends can join in and help kids design new and unique ways to play with this building block play set
  • Intended for children ages 3 and up these toys are all interchangeable with Duplo pcs play sets
Dimensions15.2 x 11.5 x 3.7 inches

City Construction DIY Custom Play Vehicles - Duplo Compatible Building Brick ...

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