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Thanks to the success of Arista;s hip;hop reissue compilation Profilin; the Hits, the duo 2nd II None earned a contract with the label and recorded a second album, eight full years after their debut. Produced by long;time friend DJ Quik as well as 2nd II None themselves, Classic 220 keeps the vibe old;school. Even though the production and beats are updated for the hip;hop world of the late; 90s, KK and D focus on simply moving crowds like they did with classic early singles like; Be True to Yourself; and; If You Want It.; The classic;in;waiting here is; Up; N Da Club,; an irresistible party anthem that grows better with each listen. Though Classic 220 doesn;t peak as many times as 2nd II None;s debut did, it;s an intriguing return to form for a hip;hop crew that never made as many records as they should have. ;John Bush, Rovi. Artist: Second II None. Genre: Rap and Hip;Hop. Sub;Genre: Rap; Hip Hop. Release Date: 12 October 1999. Attributes: CD;R;Explicit Version FEAT. AMG;DJ QUIK;DEBARGE;HI;C CD MOD. Discs: 1. Country: USA. Label: Sony Mod; STQD; . Dimension: 5.5;L x 0.3;H x 5;W. Track Listing:. 1. Stragglaz. 2. Up; N Da Club. 3. Don;t U Hide It. 4. Whateva U Want. 5. Make; Em Understand. 6. Pawdy. 7. Back Up Off The Wall. 8. Y?. 9. If U Ain;t F**kin. 10. Don;t Do Dat. 11. Princess. 12. Love U. 13. Got A Nu Woman.
  • Second II None - Classic 220 [CD]
Publication Date19991012

Classic 220

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