The Clearblue Fertility Monitor comes from the #1 OB-GYN ovulation recommended brand and is proven to increase the chances of getting pregnant by 82% in the first cycle of use. Every woman is unique and cycles vary from woman to woman and cycle to cycle, but this monitor is designed to identify all your fertile days, that’s more than traditional ovulation predictor kits which monitor only 1 hormone for more opportunities to get pregnant. The simple urine tests track two key fertility hormones, estrogen and luteinizing hormone and the results are read on the monitor, which is discrete and feminine. You can enter when you have your period and when you have sex on the monitor calendar and it shows your fertility information on the easy to use touch screen. The unique cycle summary screen summarizes up to 6 cycles of data on one chart for easy comparison. Clearblue Fertility Monitor Test Sticks need to be bought separately.
Non-returnable:We can’t take this item back, but please reach out if you aren't satisfied.
  • Helps you get pregnant faster
  • Now with easy to use touch screen monitor
  • Stores 6 cycles of your personal information which can be shared with our doctor
  • 99% accurate at detecting the lh surge that signals ovulation
Dimensions2.1 x 6.5 x 4.8 inches

Clearblue Fertility Monitor


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