This book reveals how this new generation of learners, the Deuce Millennium Generation (DMG), began their journey from Pre-kindergarten at the start of the new millennium in fall 2001 to their middle school years. This generation has endured the societal effects of the post 9/11 years for almost ten years, yet the author asserts that they will be the best and the brightest. He contends that the recent educational training delivered by highly-skilled Teacher Training Institutions will contribute to an increase in students' knowledge and performance on high stakes measures of assessments over the years. The book acknowledges that accreditation is a key factor that plays an important role in the student achievement process. This book is a primary source for understanding how the achievement gap in America can be closed. The author contends that this scholarly work is the first comprehensive book written on the subject. He engages the audiences in issues that are thought-provoking and makes the case that the historical, social, and public education processes have a profound impact on the learning outcomes of students in American schools. It is easy to understand why the author puts a name and a face on this new generation of learners. The book reveals a clear picture concerning who this generation is and what effects will occur to them, if the signs of the times are not reversed. This book should be read and used by all Teacher Training Institutions, teachers, parents, and decision-makers who are interested in Closing the Achievement Gap in America. The gap issue is a national imperative!
  • Genre: History
  • Pages: 196
  • Author: Dr. Jesse J. Hargrove
  • ISBN: 1463409524
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication DateJuly 20, 2011
Primary CategoryHistory/Americas (North Central South West Indies)

Closing the Achievement Gap in America: A National Imperative for a Super Man, a Super Woman, and a Superintendent

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