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Written by a marine biologist and illustrated in colour by a prizewinning underwater photographer, Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest identifies each fish by its common name and is illustrated with full-colour photographs and labelled sketches.
Special sections present catching tips for anglers and commercial fishermen; location hints for divers, beachcombers and pleasure boaters; and cooking ideas for seafood gourmets. The information included in these sections provides a brief but detailed description of each fish's habitat, physical characteristics and behaviour--everything that a fisherman or an amateur naturalist needs to know!
  • Genre: Nature
  • Pages: 352
  • Author: Andy Lamb, Phil Edgell
  • ISBN: 1550174711
  • Publisher: Harbour Publishing Company, Limited
Publication DateJune 15, 2010
Primary CategoryNature/Animals - Fish

Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest

Andy Lamb

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