The police squad and SWAT team are looking for a few secret agents to help them with some missions and we've received word that these 8 Cobra Hero Series Walkie Talkies and your kiddos are right for the job. These Police & SWAT kids walkie talkies are compact, 2 way radios with 22 channels and a 16 mile range so they can be where the action is at all times. Keeping the community safe is essential and communication is key, so these radios feature a roger beep confirmation tone, call alert, and power save circuitry to help save the day. These Cobra Hero Series Police & SWAT Walkie Talkies are ready to help your little ones protect the community and take on courageous adventures in your city and with these radios under their belt, they will wake up each morning a hero.
  • 22 channels
  • Compact 2 way radios with a 16 mile range
  • Roger beep confirmation tone indicates to others it's clear to talk
  • Power save circuit extends battery life when not transmitting or receiving
  • Call alert provides a recognizable alert for incoming calls
Dimensions8 x 7 x 8 inches

Cobra Hero Police & SWAT 16 Mile 22 Channel 2 Way Kids Walkie Talkie (8 Radios)


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