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This playful coloring book has sketches that are in both color and black and white. This is my second edition of the book in which I added women of all nationalities and races " Black, ?Asian and Biracial women from all over the world every woman every race is beautiful Please note that the "price of my book is more than on the label on the "back of my book" as added printing costs due to the additional pages of my beautiful sketches, half black and white and half color that I have added to the "second edition" of my book My colored images are vibrant and beautiful.You may want to tear it out and frame it or better yet, use it as a suggestive tool to inspire you on what colors you might like to use to color in. My book is filled with gorgeous original female figures and faces from the 1940's-1950's The 1940's-1950's was a time of peace, contentment, family home life in the United States after Word War II . Fresh faced beautiful woman with shoulder length wavy hair, curvy hips and defined waists were happy just to be themselves, stay home and have babies. This was an amazing era that is past but should not be forgotten ! Please let yourself go and explore your own inner creativity and color, pencil and paint these lovely ladies.. Relieve your stress! Lighten your day! Color these pages now!1..2..3. Recreate the past Remember the 1940's-1950's
    Publication Date20171205
    Primary CategoryArt/General

    Color Me Now! 1...2...3...: Second Edition

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