Dear Parents and Teachers, Welcome to the very special world of children's music! Sing along with me and learn these simple but beautifully arranged songs with piano, accordion, harp, or guitar accompaniment. Your child may already know some of the songs (and want to teach you more!). Many of them are inspired by nature and the changing seasons. You'll find Come Follow Me! a wonderful way to share your children's delight in watching twirling colorful leaves, tracing snowflakes as they melt on the windowpane, and celebrating that 'Spring Is Coming!' once again. My husband Godfrey and I had a great time performing and recording this music, and our own five-year-old daughter never fails to spark our enthusiasm. We hope Come Follow Me! Will be only the first of a whole series devoted to children's songs. Warmly, Lorraine Nelson Wolf Family Times November/December 2008 Come Follow Me! Volumes 1 & 2 A Collection of Folk Songs for Young Children. If you are longing for truly beautiful, lilting acoustical music, clear and lovely vocals and the classic songs that every child young old enjoys, visit Lorraine Nelson Wolf's website to listen to these folk and Walforf-inspired samples. A Parents Choice approved Award Winner for Volume 1, these CDs should be a part of every child's world from 3 to 103. You and your children will be singing along in no time. These are songs that talk of beauty, nature, love, laughter and delight. Each CD is accompanied by a little booklet which contains the words to all the songs. Bio: Lorraine Nelson Wolf grew up in a house filled with music. Her mother was always singing, often accompanied by her father playing guitar. Remarkably, at age three, Lorraine could pick out her favorite melodies on the piano, and the whole family began making music together. At eight, Lorraine was composing songs and offering them as gifts to her friends. When she was eleven, she was already giving piano recitals and had t
  • Come Follow Me
Publication Date20050429
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc

Come Follow Me

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